Our best tips and information to help make your Hypoxia poster or oral presentation great!

Hypoxia Symposia audiences are from a broad background, with sophisticated knowledge in many fields, though perhaps not in your own. Please do not assume that the lingo in your field will be understandable to everyone. Consider the Hypoxia Symposia audience as a Grand Rounds audience with all the Deans and Department Chairmen/women in your University. Presenters ignore this advice at their own peril! Do not hesitate to contact the organizers with any questions you may have about your presentation.

The main room for all oral presentations is the Mount Temple Ballroom of the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Presentations are given from a platform at the front of a large meeting room. The ceilings are high, thus allowing good readability of projected images even from the back of the room. Remember: even a nice meeting room cannot compensate for a poorly prepared presentation.

Hot Topic talks will be selected from the submitted abstracts to the 21st International Hypoxia Symposium. An international panel of experts will judge the abstracts for their significance and interest to the Hypoxia audience. The abstracts are blinded as to authorship during the judging. Hot Topic talks are twenty (20) minutes in length, with fifteen (15) minutes for presentation and five (5) minutes for discussion. Our general guidelines for Powerpoint, available here, should be followed.

  • Computer :  We will supply a Mac laptop with Powerpoint and Keynote. You will not be able to use your personal computer with our LCD projector.
  • Transfer of Your Files:The laptop that you can use for your Powerpoint presentation can read CDs or USB jump drives. Bring your presentation on one of these media. You will receive an email about when and where to turn in your talks.
  • File size :Smaller is faster. A 25MB file may load and show slowly. Scan pictures at a lower resolution as one tactic to reduce file size.
  • Timing: If you are delayed because of a problem with your Powerpoint file, your talk may be cut short. It is your responsibility to be prepared. Practice your talk beforehand, and to familiarize yourself with our laptop. To that end there will be several opportunities to try out your talk on the presentation laptop; the day before your talk at 0730 to 0800 and 1830-1900, plus during the ski breaks.
  • Style: No one will be impressed by fancy flying objects, fades and other nonsense that is fun the first time, but no fun for an audience trying to quickly grasp your presentation. Keep it simple, straightforward and logical. Use large fonts and simple colors. See online for many more suggestions.

Poster sessions are featured on Wednesday afternoon only for 2019. Poster viewing starts the DAY BEFORE, thus your poster should be setup by early afternoon on Tuesday. Presenters are expected to be present at their poster during the entire two and one half hour poster session. Pins for attaching the posters will be available. Your poster should measure: 72 inches wide x up to 36 inches high (roughly 180cm x 90cm). Poster session programming will be displayed on the final program, available in late January 2019.