Keys to a Successful 3x3 Oral Presentation

3x3 Oral Poster Presentations are a Hypoxia tradition, back for the first time in several years for 2019. 3x3 Oral Poster Presentations are six (six) minutes in length, with three (3) minutes for presentation and three (3) minutes for discussion. 

3x3 Oral Poster Presentations are selected from the student and fellow submitted abstracts. An international panel of experts judge the abstracts for their significance and interest to the Hypoxia audience. The abstracts are blinded as to authorship during the judging.

Time: The 3x3 format demands that speakers be very well prepared, with careful attention to the time. You will not be allowed to present for more than three (3) minutes. Therefore, we recommend that you practice with friends and colleagues before coming to Lake Louise.

Slides: Check out the general guidelines for Powerpoint. Make sure your slides are simple, to the point and that they leave a strong impression of the major findings of your study. Especially important for 3x3 Oral Poster Presentations: Don't try to stuff 10 slides onto three slides by using fancy transitions, multiple layers, etc. The audience will not appreciate you trying to cheat the system. Keep it simple, clear and concise.

Organization: The 3x3 Oral Poster Presentations will be organized as a free communications session. The chair for your session will be in charge of time keeping and directing the discussion.

 Dates and Times: The overall schedule for 3x3 Oral Poster Presentations will be displayed here soon. 3x3 Oral Poster Presentations will be presented on Friday afternoon in the main meeting room. 3x3 Oral Poster Presentations on USB-stick are due at the speakers table in the main meeting room the morning of your presentation.